11 November 2022

Floods are a common occurrence in Nigeria, but they can be dangerous and deadly.

In the rainy season, flooding can happen anywhere—even in your own home! Here are some tips on how to protect yourself and your home during this time of watery chaos:

-Don't ignore warning signs. Flooding is a serious concern, so pay attention to any signs that your area is prone to flooding. If you see floodwaters rising or overflowing rivers in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to contact emergency services.

- Make a plan: have an evacuation plan in place and be ready to execute it at a moment's notice.

- Protect your valuables: make sure they're tucked away in a secure location where they can't get wet or damaged.

- Get insurance: if your home is damaged by flooding, it could be costly to repair or replace everything inside. With proper coverage, though, you could potentially save money by not having to pay for all of those repairs out of pocket!

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